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Turminal.ai is the world's first privacy-focused AI curation app, offering a suite of AI-powered programs that prioritize user privacy.

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With Turminal.ai, you get access to Chat GPT and a curated suite of image creation, programming, HR, marketing, and other AI-powered programs. And you can trust that we've made your privacy a priority. Join us in stepping into a safer, more secure AI-enhanced world.

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Introducing Turminal AI+

Enhanced Capabilities for Real-World AI Usage

Turminal AI+ takes your experience a step further. Our team has successfully deployed a 'jailbreak' feature that allows Turminal.ai to not only access all the offerings of our chosen LLM's, but also use them to create live links to products you need for your projects.

Imagine this! You're planning to build an outdoor sprinkler system or a pergola. With Turminal AI+, you'll get step-by-step instructions and a comprehensive shopping list of required parts, including live online links for purchase.

It's more than just an AI curation app - it's a tool that empowers your real-world projects. Whether you're in your favorite neighborhood hardware store or planning a project at home, Turminal AI+ has you covered.

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